"I am very grateful to the staff here. They are knowledgeable, experiences, and truly care. My children and myself have all worked with Dr. Peterson and his techs. I would recommend Champlain Orthodontics to anyone looking for professional, dedicated staff to address their orthodontic needs."

- Dawn P.

"I like how they gave a lot of information about what was going on. They had many solutions to any problems that occurred. And I like my results so thank you :)"

-  Bailey M.

"I am very pleased with my experience at Champlain Ortho. After many years of work and appliances, my teeth look wonderful. The change is amazing. I highly recommend coming here for treatment. Everyone is so nice and very helpful."

-  Sarah S.

"I enjoyed coming to Champlain Ortho. The people were always so nice and I'm happy to say I now have a beautiful smile. So it was all worth it."

-  Liza C.

"I enjoyed coming to Champlain Ortho. Everyone was always nice and understanding. I liked how they would explain what they were going to do and what it would do. Thank you everyone at Champlain Ortho for getting me through the process of my braces!"

-  Sarah E.

"Invisalign worked for me. All my adult life, my smile has been marked with misaligned teeth and a noticeable space between my upper front teeth. I consulted with Dr. Dan Ryan to see if I might be a candidate for Invisalign. Now my smile is fabulous! In a matter of months, my upper teeth are aligned and I receive many compliments on how great they look! It's amazing to me that these little plastic Invisalign trays are able to move teeth without much discomfort at all. Dr. Ryan and his staff have offered me encouragement and have answered all my questions throughout the process. I can tell that Dr. Ryan is as pleased as I am! Now, in my 50's, I have the straight teeth I've always imagined!"

-  Regina K.

"Every time I came here I had an enjoyable time. Everybody was super nice, and it was a fun environment."

-  Ali E.

"Dr. Peterson is an innovative orthodontist with creative solutions to orthodontic dental issues. His patients range from the very young to those of vintage ages. Dr. Peterson's assessment of my vintage teeth revealed an extreme overbite, minimal enamel on my small lower bottom teeth and a tooth missing next to my upper left eye tooth. Through ceramic braces on the upper teeth and regular braces on the lowers, my bite was corrected and the upper left teeth were moved to close the space. The end result was a dream come true. I look and feel ten years younger. Every time I look in the mirror I give gratitude to Dr. Peterson and his exceptional staff for their orthodontic expertise, delightful personalities and awesome outcome."

-  Bobbie G.

"My experience here was very good. Having braces went really fast and easy. The people were also very good with getting the appointments when we needed them."

-  Danielle S.

"My experience was flawless. Everyone in the office is very nice and kind. I could not be happier with the outcome. My teeth look exactly how I had hoped."

-  Patrick M.

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